Don’t Try to Be Funny at the Border

It’s never smart to try to “be funny” while dealing with border patrol personnel when coming back into our country.  I’d picked up two visiting grandsons, added one local grandson, and we ‘d taken a great trip on one of the car ferry boats from Bellingham (I think it was) to Fairbanks, Alaska.  The trip had gone well.  When we landed again in Bellingham, we were so close to the Canadian border, that I wanted to drive into Canada to show them the beautiful border structures. So, we zipped into Canada; now we were in line to enter the U.S. The border agent peered into the car, spotting the boys.

“Are these your children? Where did you get them?” What an odd question, I thought, so the inner-clown within me stirred awake.  “I just found them back a ways on the road, and am giving them a lift.”  I grinned up at the man who was glowering at me. Instead of joining in on my obvious joke, he leaned forward.  “Lady, when you are through trying to be funny, you can hand over their identification, then you may proceed.”

I heard snickers from the seat behind me, did as he said, took back the identification, and drove on south.  So, my advice to everyone, under any circumstances….don’t try to be funny!