Why I Write

What makes a person want to write?  That takes time, inspiration, research…..and “seat of the pants” work.  I have now completed six novels, the Briana Fraser series, and thought I’d share some of the “inspiration” part with you—in case you might want to write or wondered why I did.

My writing partner, Sharon Owen, writing as Sharon St. George, has penned a series, published by Camel Press, in part featuring Northern California medical facilities, eastern cities, and travel to the Azores, in search of the truth about an injured young man, then for a lost girl, and into a string of dangerous accidents, including a mysterious death. The titles so far: Due for Discard, Checked Out, Breach of Ethics, and Spine Damage.  She was careful to have characters with particular skills, employment abilities and difficulties, plus challenging relationships with each other, including a romance, making her novels realistic. I liked what she’d done with her website; I asked if I could “imitate” her site. She agreed.

As a voracious reader of mysteries, especially those placed in dangerous locales, I have written a series about an Ashland, Oregon bookstore employee and Shakespeare Festival volunteer, who reluctantly signs on to assist the U.S. government with “problems” in foreign nations. (The titles so far: “Argentine Assignment”, “Belize Barter”, “China Caper”, “Peru Paradox”, with “Mexican Marimbas” and “Russian Ruse” following in short order.)

My main “hero” characters aren’t saints, nor geniuses, but they love their country and take dangerous risks to complete “assignments” given to them by their government to help make a difference for that country. Even my anti-heroes, except in the Mexican novel, aren’t intrinsically evil, but they won’t win any cheers; maybe a bit of sad recognition or understanding.

Important to me was to develop novels that portrayed at least my vision of, respect for, and appreciation of the people of the countries in which I placed the action, including the problems the people of those countries face—poverty, power, anti-law attitudes, pride—even the religious goals of a group of nuns in Peru! Other action includes a bull fight, a contest that perhaps portrays human struggles to succeed in a dangerous world! (And I have spent considerable time in these countries.)

Other struggles are faced by the human characters in the novels, all presented in the culture, climate, church affiliations, courage, and conviction of the characters as they fight to fulfill their assignments.  Ashland gets a big “plug” because of my love of the town and for Shakespeare. And for the deer who each spring make national news as they flood into the small town (and in my yard when I lived there!) by the hundreds.

My hope is that readers will enjoy and appreciate some of the “atmosphere” of the countries mentioned earlier, as much as I did in reliving the days, weeks, even months I’ve spent in those wonderful places. But it’s always nice to come home!






Peru Paradox Book Signing at Barnes and Noble

peru-paradox-coverChloe Ryan Winston will be signing copies of her newest releasePeru Paradox, at the Redding, CA Barnes and Noble on Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. Come on by to pick up your copy and chat!

The Redding Barnes and Noble is located at 1260 Churn Creek Rd, Redding, CA 96003.

Peru Paradox now for sale!

peru-paradox-coverCome to a book signing at 2 p.m.  Feb. 18th at Barnes and Noble. The fourth novel in the Briana series is Peru Paradox. Briana once again finds herself embroiled in adventure and political intrigue as part of a U.S. intelligence courier group en route to the depths of Peru. A sinister political group is making moves to swipe a vacant UN seat. The consequences – both local and global – are potentially enormous. This time, Briana is operating under the guise of a casual visit with her cousin, a nun, living and serving with her sisters in the villages surrounding Arequipa, the famous “White City” of Peru. Here, Briana and her group face unexpected dangers in the convoluted political scene in Peru. Now more than ever, our heroine is questioning her dedication to a life of espionage. Is her mission worth leaving the comfort of her Oregon book and travel shop? Is she equipped to handle the guilt that comes with deceiving the innocent convent community?

With danger around every corner, the potential romance between Briana and one of her partners seems impossible at times, but for the occasional glimpse. Still, as she tries to find her place within the world of espionage, Briana perseveres with her trademark wit and determination. Page after page of Peru Paradox is filled with old-school adventure and spiced with modern politics.

Peru Paradox is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback. You can also catch up on the rest of the series: Argentine Assignment, Belize Barterand China Caper.

China Caper Now Available for Purchase

china-caper-by-chloe-ryan-winstonSomeone is stealing priceless historic artifacts from China, a nation and population proud of their heritage. Briana Fraser—an Ashland, Oregon book and travel shop owner who’s no stranger to adventure—is tasked with discovering how these valuable artifacts are being stolen and sold to collectors in other countries—and by whom.

Suspects are abundant, especially those in Briana’s tour group, seen by authorities as the best source of the thefts—as well as good spy cover for our heroine. With her history background, Briana is the ideal cultural spy, but she’s still less than prepared for the danger she encounters in her search to unmask the thief. Her adventure takes Briana to the famous terracotta soldiers, the Forbidden City, and the massive Great Wall. And her up-to-date look at a long-mysterious country, now opened to the West, is an added aspect to her search.

With typical Briana fervor, she tackles the task, putting herself and her new friends in danger. To save her life and speed up the mission, she is joined in China by her former partners from Professor Phillips’ secret semi-spy operations to help solve the caper. But as things heat up between Briana and one of her partners, events conspire to get in the way of romance.

China Caper is now available for purchase on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon and on NOOK and in paperback from Barnes and Noble.

Book Signing at Barnes and Noble

I will be signing copies of my newest book, Belize Barter, at the Redding Barnes and Noble this Saturday, April 23 at 3:00 p.m.
In Belize Barter, Briana Fraser is back. Swept once again into a dizzying world of espionage, revolutions, and misadventures, Briana is asked to take a hiatus from running her travel store in Ashland, Oregon, and reprise her one-time role as a courier for a U.S. spy agency.
This time, the exchange will happen in Belize, a veritable hotbed where mysterious groups vie for political control. Briana finally agrees and boards a cruise ship south, but she gets more than she bargains for when her teenage sister, Leslie, is dragged into the fray. Briana must summon all her wits to save more than herself and her mission: this time, she must save her sister.
Come on by the Redding Barnes and Noble at 1260 Churn Creek Rd. to pick up your signed copy!
Belize Barter Front cover

The second installment of the Briana Fraser series!

Argentine Assignment now available for purchase

The first book in the Briana Fraser series, Argentine Assignment, is now available for purchase as a Kindle book on Amazon.com.  Information on how to purchase the paperback will be provided soon.

The first in the Briana Fraser series

This is a suspense novel that puts intelligence agency courier Briana Fraser in situations of intrigue and danger. She explores the beauty of Buenos Aires and Mexico City in her desperate effort to complete her secret assignment. Also included in the action is her fellow cohort, Derry, who provides some light romance in the midst of the turmoil.

Follow Briana as she tries to distinguish friend from foe in her dangerous trek through a South American nation’s political upheaval. And, as she encounters those wishing to do her ill. You’ll never think of a knitting needle the same way again!

Argentine Assignment Book Signing!

I will be having a book signing of Argentine Assignment on this coming Friday May 8 during the times of 11:30 to 1:30 at the Sportsman’s Express located at 14385 Wonderland Blvd.  Redding, CA (No. of Shasta Lake aka Shell Station). This is a suspense novel about a low-level courier for a US spy agency.  She’s told to go to Argentina to pick up a “package”….she thinks it’s documents, right?  Wrong!  And thereby hangs the tale.  Come by for a chat!