Traveling Celebrations

When I decided to take three grandsons to Canada via the great car ferries that ply the coast from Washington State to Alaska, I realized that one grandson would have a birthday while we were on the ship.  I’m not very brave, but decided to “give something a try.”  So, I bought (and brought) a box of cake mix, a dozen eggs, and some icing packets.  And candles. And paper products for a birthday.  I didn’t mention it to the birthday boy; I did contact the cook, who thought it “great fun” that I was doing this, and agreed he’d be delighted to bake the cake.

Cruise Ship

Alaskan cruise ship

So, without mentioning birthdays at all, we gathered for lunch in the dining area.  I kept looking for the cook…and he appeared, with birthday music playing, with a big grin on his face as he carried the cake, candles flickering, into the room, announcing who the honored guest was. I’m not certain how my Zach really felt, but he had a big grin on his face, too.  People clapped, of course, and after Zach was served, the cook—in full birthday attitude—gave everyone in the room a slice of cake. (I certainly suspected that he’d added considerably to the box cake fixings I’d brought aboard.)

The reason I mention this is because if you or someone in your group will be celebrating a birthday away from home, give the cook a try.  Oh, you may run into a Grinch cook, but I didn’t. I hope you won’t.  And the birthday boy got to visit the captain’s position…may be harder to arrange that these difficult days….but it worked for Zach. (He’s now in law school, so he survived!)  Besides birthdays, there may be other special times for you and/or your group…just ask.  It never hurts.