The first four books in the Briana Fraser series are available for purchase in Kindle and paperback from, and in paperback and NOOK from Barnes and Noble.

The first in the Briana Fraser series

The first in the Briana Fraser series

Argentine Assignment is the first in a series of novels introducing readers to Briana Fraser, a former courier for a US spy agency. Briana is happily settled in her Let’s Travel shop in Ashland, Oregon, until a man she had hoped to never see again comes through the door. Bad memories surface instantly, and she refuses Jude’s offer of “goodies” if she will go to Argentina on a “piece of cake” run to pick up a package for him. She finally relents, however, using her shop as a cover for her activities in Buenos Aires.

Briana is shocked when the “package” is an appealing young boy named Jaime. In the shadows trailing him is political intrigue that threatens both of them, and in Mexico City Jaime is kidnapped. A mad rush to save him imperils Briana and sets her on an increasingly dangerous path home.


The second installment of the Briana Fraser series!

The second installment of the Briana Fraser series

Briana Fraser is back. Swept once again into a dizzying world of espionage, revolutions, and misadventures, Briana is asked to take a hiatus from running her travel store in Ashland, Oregon, and reprise her one-time role as a courier for a U.S. spy agency.

This time, the exchange will happen in Belize, a veritable hotbed where mysterious groups vie for political control. Briana finally agrees and boards a cruise ship south, but she gets more than she bargains for when her teenage sister, Leslie, is dragged into the fray. Briana must summon all her wits to save more than herself and her mission: this time, she must save her sister.


Someone is stealing priceless historic artifacts from China, a nation and population proud of their heritage. Briana Fraser—Ashland, Oregon, book and travel shop owner who’s no stranger to adventure—is tasked with discovering how these valuable artifacts are being stolen and sold to collectors in other countries–and by whom.

Suspects are abundant, especially those in Briana’s tour group, seen by authorities as the best source of the thefts–as well as good spy cover for our heroine. With her history background, Briana is the ideal cultural spy, but she’s still less than prepared for the danger she encounters in her search to unmask the thief. Her adventure takes Briana to the famous terracotta soldiers, the Forbidden City, and the massive Great Wall. And her up-to-date look at a long-mysterious country, now opened to the West, is an added aspect to her search.

With typical Briana fervor, she tackles the task, putting herself and her new friends in danger. To save her life and speed up the mission, she is joined in China by her former partners from Professor Phillips’ secret semi-spy operations to help solve the caper. But as things heat up between Briana and one of her partners, events conspire to get in the way of romance.


peru-paradox-coverIn Peru Paradox, Briana once again finds herself embroiled in adventure and political intrigue as part of a U.S. intelligence courier group en route to the depths of Peru. A sinister political group is making moves to swipe a vacant UN seat. The consequences – both local and global – are potentially enormous. This time, Briana is operating under the guise of a casual visit with her cousin, a nun, living and serving with her sisters in the villages surrounding Arequipa, the famous “White City” of Peru. Here, Briana and her group face unexpected dangers in the convoluted political scene in Peru. Now more than ever, our heroine is questioning her dedication to a life of espionage. Is her mission worth leaving the comfort of her Oregon book and travel shop? Is she equipped to handle the guilt that comes with deceiving the innocent convent community?

With danger around every corner, the potential romance between Briana and one of her partners seems impossible at times, but for the occasional glimpse. Still, as she tries to find her place within the world of espionage, Briana perseveres with her trademark wit and determination. Page after page of Peru Paradox is filled with old-school adventure and spiced with modern politics.


Coming soon! The next installment of the Briana Fraser series…



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