The Cassiar Highway

Anyone planning, or even thinking about taking, a drive into western Canada must—absolutely must—include the Cassiar Highway.  It’s a beautiful drive, south or north.  Maybe it has some funny little bridges, but it is absolutely worth it!  The drive, that is.  A minor tip: remember that the roads in northwest Canada are often used as small airplane landing strips.

A “bridge” that may have been replaced by now, is one which is just some flattened logs strung over the water.  Keep your tires on the logs!

If you have animals—dogs, for example—bring flea and bug spray. My Doxie was so covered with gray flying insects, I didn’t even recognize him.  Those bugs delight in irritating pets.

But the real delight is in seeing the mountains in this area.  They are heart-stoppingly lovely.  British Columbia parks are also a welcoming sight for a tired driver.  Clean, reasonably priced, and well-run—they are safe and comfortable.

Another bit of advice: be sure to take some off-road trips in Canada, where one finds tiny villages that are fighting off the idea of “modernizing.” It’s always fun and interesting to get a “look-back” at earlier days in this still semi-frontier area.  One can find all the modern and posh things in British Columbia’s major cities.  It’s the “outback” that makes for such a fun trip, especially for children.

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